Jabref 4 on Mac OS X (1)
Docbook5 Export (3)
Customize read status (1)
Customize toolbar icons (4)
Changing order of entries (1)
Add icon to remove a file from General > File list (2)
No shortcut for 'Export selected entries to clipboard'? (2)
Delay in selecting a group automatically-created (1)
Introduce formatter to truncate the target filename for automatic rename of attached files (6)
Add Sciencedirect fetcher (3)
Cite special - OpenOffice/LibreOffice connection tool (1)
Sync annotations and PDFs of selected entries to [Android] device (10)
Associate Entry Table Columns with Database (1)
Doing AND, OR, NOT with existing entries (1)
Totally customizable entry types (1)
LOC, MARC, MODS connection (6)
Make it easy to remove the Related articles and File annotations tabs (4)
[MacOS only] Move menu to the OS default menu bar (2)
Drag&Drop pdf to create biblatex code (6)
@Legislation not support (3)
RepEc database inclusion (7)
APA citing with Libreoffice using a .jstyle sheet (2)
Drag and Drop between files (6)
Integrating related articles from MrDlib into JabRef ( 2 ) (39)
"Find Duplicates" - show the number of duplicates found (1)
Multiple ISBN queries (2)
Advanced Groups Interface (More user-friendly, customizable) (3)
JabFox: "Save as Website" not possible (8)
Groups can no longer be sorted (3)
The hierarchy of individual subgroups should be changable (3)