Display comment on maintable (3)
Protect capitals in title without homogenization of all entries (10)
Sanitizing Authors (2)
Adding an impactfactor function and citations (3)
Always try Downloading from official journal sites (3)
Export Highlights/Annotations in Jabref 4 (1)
JabRef 4.0 Autogenerate bibtex keys should follow bibtexkey pattern (4)
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Open PDF reader on page when clicking on annotation (1)
The new ID type import field should changed in preferences to other types than DOI (1)
Web search option to fetch other pages of results (1)
Incorporate docear4word into jabref 4? (5)
Fundamental features of Groups (remembering last/default view & others) (1)
Customize the panels(tabs) (4)
Support flatpaked LibreOffice (5)
Jabref 4 on Mac OS X (1)
Docbook5 Export (3)
Customize read status (1)
Customize toolbar icons (4)
Changing order of entries (1)
Add icon to remove a file from General > File list (2)
No shortcut for 'Export selected entries to clipboard'? (2)
Delay in selecting a group automatically-created (1)
Introduce formatter to truncate the target filename for automatic rename of attached files (6)
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Cite special - OpenOffice/LibreOffice connection tool (1)
Sync annotations and PDFs of selected entries to [Android] device (10)
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Doing AND, OR, NOT with existing entries (1)
Totally customizable entry types (1)