APA citing with Libreoffice using a .jstyle sheet


Adding a .jstyle module for APA6. I have created one, though not perfect here: https://github.com/astaria12/jstyle_APA

I am not sure if this place on github was the best place to post this, but I thought other users would love to be able to cite APA. I found this quite the hassle.

Please vote if you support this proposal:

  • I would like to have this feature, too!
  • I don’t care.

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(Christoph) #2


thank you for your contribution!
It would be really nice, if you could add your style file to the jstyles Repo and if you either specify a custom license, or agree with the default one (CC-BY-4.0)
There we have a cental place where we collect all custom styles:

Best Regards