Export date field from a custom entry

(Warren Lewington) #1

Hi. I’m new to JabRef. Apologies if this is obvious but I’ve been playing with this for ~3 hours, and cannot make further progress.

I have made a primary source custom entry, and I am attempting to export only these entries to send them off to an archive. I’m happy with the Harvard.rtf export file output under export selected entries.

But - I’m getting all the entries but the date field I would like. Now what I think is happening is this isn’t a standard field for exporting using the standard JabRef embedded export code?

So: I assume I need to create some sort of custom export script? If that is the case, could someone please, please (yes - I’m a bit fed up right now:
Send me a link to the beginners section of that process.
Send me a basic export script that works and instructions on how to embed it into Jabref.

I suspect I’ll be able to go on from there.

Many thanks.

(Christoph) #2

Thanks for using JabRef!
As far as I remember, the rtf export is also defined using layout files. I suggest copying the existing layout file to a new folder, modify the file and add the date field.

More information can be found here

(Tobias Diez) #3

If you put the publication date in the field year everything should work with the standard havard exporter.

In case you want to export information from a custom field (say mydate) then you need to customize the exporter as @Siedlerchr says. The Havard layout files can be found here and come also with a readme (but I’m not sure how much of this is up-to-date).

(Warren Lewington) #4

Christoph, THANKYOU! :wink:

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