File directory pattern - help

(Jorge Fernández De Cossío Díaz) #1

How does the “File directory pattern” setting under Import options work? I did not find anything in the documentation.

(Christoph) #2


the file directory pattern allows you to define a pattern for the creation of subfolders. e.g. you can now group files per group
e.g you have your File Directory X:\MyfileDirectory\FileA… FileZ.pdf
Now you can automatically sort the files into a specific sub directory e.g. by entry type


(Jorge Fernández De Cossío Díaz) #3

How do I specify the pattern? What is the syntax?

(Christoph) #4


the pattern takes the same format as the Filename format pattern and the custom export pattern, it is s documented here:;

To achieve the effect of grouping by entry type, you can simply specify \EntryType