I am missing a bug report category

(Bernhard Kleine) #1

Just what I said. Regards.

(Matthias Geiger ) #2

Hi Bernhard!
Bugs should be reported directly at GitHub: https://github.com/JabRef/jabref/issues

I’ll check your report of the file Folder problem later and will create an issue at GitHub if I can reproduce it.

(Bernhard Kleine) #3

There should be at least a link to the bug report site.

(Matthias Geiger ) #4

Is already there: About the Help category :wink:

(Simon Harrer) #5

Maybe we need a pinned topic at the top which just says: “submit bug reports on gtihub.com/jabref/jabref/issues

@matthiasgeiger what do you think?

(Matthias Geiger ) #6

Yeah of course this would be possible, but I think the pinned “About the help category” post with a link and the link in the “Help” section on jabref.org should be generally sufficient.

(Bernhard Kleine) #7

Sorry to disagree: In the forum I did not find any indication about bug reporting. This did seem to me not easily accessible. Perhaps should really try something more obvious.


(Matthias Geiger ) #8

Okay… I’ve added the information to the “Create new topic” information shown to new users and to the short description of the Help category…