Installation question


Am looking for a way of organizing an already huge and exploding collection of articles and abstracts. JabRef would seem to fit the bill but installation is somewhat problematic.

Instructions are :

JabRef does not start under Linux! What can I do?

JabRef requires Java 8.

Java 8 is just a wee bit deprecated at present and checking on Debian bullseye (my operating system) openjdk 11.0.4 is available.

suggests that openjdk 11 should be usable until 2026.

From the homepage : JabRef-4.3.1.jar is listed as the newest stable version available. Debian has available for ‘Bullseye’ JabRef-3.8.1 likely because java 8 is long deprecated.

so - - - two questions:

  1. how do I install a newer version of JabRef on Debian Bullseye?
  2. as I don’t know what I’m doing I would not be able to devise a list of instructions that would effect an installation of a current version of JabRef but I would be quite interested in taking a terse list and turning it into something that is quite readable but - - - - is that of interest to the dev team?


all current versions (including the 5.0 dev version) currently require java 8.
Alternatively we provide a snap package for JabRef.

we are in the process of transitioning to java 11. However, there are still some issue with external libraries that need to be solved.

I guess I’ll be waiting then.

Snap packages introduce outside control of my system (forced updates and upgrades) so will not ever be included here.

(Yes, I tried lxd but the emperors that code such have decreed that all except them are incapable of maintaining a system so all MUST use their methodology.)