Names are not in standard biblatex format warning


(Mario Valle) #1

When I try to enter “PAM Dirac” or “UN Staff” as author of a book, JabRef complains that “Names are not in standard biblatex format”. If I leave only the initial uppercase they are accepted. (Yes, I know that I can disable checking, but seems too extreme a solution to me). Unfortunately in the biblatex documentation I don’t find which is the correct format for author names. Is JabRef too strict or there is a method to make the above names accepted? Thanks! Mario
(JabRef 4.3.1 on Windows 10 64bits)

(Christoph) #2


for corporate authors to be handled correctly, you should wrap them in an extra pair of curly braces, e.g. in the author field:

{PAM Dirac}

(Mario Valle) #3

Thanks! Overlooking the obvious…

(Tobias Diez) #4

Actually, Mr Dirac is not a corporation but a mathematical physicist. You can simply add points after the initials: P. A. M. Dirac should not print an error.

(Mario Valle) #5

PAM Dirac was just an example. The real entry was something like “NERSC Staff”. Anyway, adding {} around solved the problem.

Anyway, I would like to bring to your attention that in biblatex the curly braces are silently added.