Trouble with Mathscinet and zbMath

(Fred J) #1

I just installed JabRef 4.3.1 on windows 10 and all works fine, except fetching data on both mathscinet and zbmath.
A popup window says I/O exception occurred.

Any idea how to fix this ?


(Tobias Diez) #2

Sadly, you (or your university) need to have a subscription to access these services. Do these sites work for you in the browser?

(Fred J) #3

Hi! Thanks for your answer.
I must log into my univ sytem to get acces to mathscinet. Can I use a proxy, a tunnel or anything else?
Besides there is
and you don’t need pay access to search
Mathscinet is much more restrictive.

(Tobias Diez) #4

Most universities provide access to their intranet via VPN. This should then automatically route the traffic for JabRef through the university and grant you access to zbMath/MathSciNet.