Ark:/ references and constructing clickable links from eprint and eprinttype

I use Archive org a lot. Each item there has an ARK (see Wikipedia under “Archival_Resource_Key”)). This is like a persistent URL, and is more concise and more durable than the raw URLs of Archive org items. The URLs can be very long and sometimes create formatting problems in bibliographies. ARK references are rather like DOIs.

I’ve been entering them using eprint and eprinttype (= {ark}). The following biblatex code “does the right thing” and prints a nice formatted, clickable URL in my bibliography, again just like a DOI.

In what follows, XXX is = (kludge because of this forum’s URL limitation):


So any ARK, e.g., “ark:/13960/t17m0kk41” can be turned into a URL by prefixing “XXX” like this:

So far, so good.

In JabRef, the left-hand columns can contain live links to DOIs, URLs and a number of other formats.

I would like to be able to have a clickable link to ARK pointers. This could be achieved through a generic piece of code like the biblatex code above that allowed the user to define what to do with eprinttype+eprint entries.