Command line use doesn't exit with -n on completion

I’ve been finding jabref command line custom export filters extremely valuable for building my personal site. However, using the -n option to prevent the GUI from launching does not mean that the java process completes (and exits) once the export is complete, requiring a Control-C. This isn’t so bad when doing one export, but I’m doing three separate ones so I fire these off in the background using &, and then need to pkill the java processes later, which seems pretty ugly. Is there a work around or can I consider this a bug?


Hm, that is strange.

Mabye @tobiasdiez has an idea. He recently looked into the command line stuff

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I can reproduce the problem (java -jar JabRef.jar -n hangs forever) and think this is a bug. @davidaknowles can an you please open a bug report at Thanks!

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