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Welcome to JabRef community! Write a short introduction here about yourself and your interests. Lets get to know each other!


I start with a short introduction.

I am Oliver and live near Stuttgart, Germany. My first contribution to JabRef was in July 2011 where I added a functionality to copy the BibTeX key only. I got more and more involved. First code and now more and more infrastructure (homepage, binary hosting, …) work. I try to bring up good issues to newcomers to JabRef.

Since JabRefs internal data format is BibTeX, I believe that JabRef is one of the most suitable tool to manage references - at least for LaTeX. I see the potential of JabRef to become the leading collaborative reference management software. Thus, I try to to push work on issues improving the user experience especially reference and PDF collection.

In the last months, it turned out that JabRef is more than a toy project, but simpler than other Java-projects (such as Apache Tomcat). Thus, it forms a good basis for teaching newcomers coding, collaborative coding, using coding platforms (such as GitHub), etc. I’m very happy that a complete coding introduction courses are based on JabRef. See for one example.

All work in JabRef is in my free time and I do not get paid for it at all. The work in JabRef is rewarding for me since we are IMHO a great community, have really good ideas and provide and get great freedback to each other.

As professional work, I was researcher in the fields of BPM, Cloud Computing, and software architecture. In that time, I laid the foundation to be top 3% at StackOverlow. Now, my professional working field is researching for Mercedes-Benz AG.

Find more pointers to my research, open source projects, and professional work at


Hi, I’m Christoph and I live in Paderborn, Germany

My first contribution to JabRef was somewhere around mid of 2016.
During my bachelor studies I used JabRef together with LaTeX to write my seminar thesis paper and my bachelor thesis. The working group I wrote my thesis recommended JabRef for people working with LaTeX.

Turned out, JabRef was really helpful and when I noticed that it was written in Java and I also had experience in programming with Java I decided to start contributing, giving back something. I probably discovered a bug or an issue before…
And today I am still here contributing in my free time. And I felt really welcome in this community and quickly became addicted to JabRef :wink:

During my professional work, I work as software developer/researcher for a non profit organization. We do research projects in the domain of Digitization for Civil Safety. I still use JabRef at work to collect research documents for a topic.


Hi everyone!
Am Daud Kakumirizi based in Uganda as an under-graduate university student at present time, and yet an enthusiastic programmer in making though already coding!!! Am glad to be part of the JabRef team majoring in reference management software.

I love robust reading or research in order to finish any task(s) I may be working on and this is helping me to learn at much haste and use several technologies. And am someone who is interested in learning new things and as well helping others.

Have used several open source software while at college and got desire to give back to Open Source Communities. When browsed around, JabRef took my attention about its amazing work and looking forward to contribute to this community!


Hi, I am Ingmar, commute between Berlin, Cottbus and Copenhagen (Germany and Denmark),

I love JabRef since I prepared moving away from Apple OSX around 2014. I soon migrated to Fedora Linux and use JabRef since. My contributions to JabRef consist of testing development versions, reporting issues, and researching existing issues on discourse and github, trying to identify topics that match each other.

I am social scientist, researching data practices and IT & society. Find some links to my research at

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