Custom export file with Mendeley tags?

I am having trouble exporting a specific field (Mendeley tags) from my Jabref library.

Following the link below, I exported from Mendeley to Bibtex and imported into Jabref. The Mendeley tags field shows up in my library fine:

I have created a custom export file as follows to try to extract details including Mendeley tags from my Jabref library:

\format[GetOpenOfficeType]{\bibtextype},"\begin{isbn}\isbn\end{isbn}","\bibtexkey","\format[AuthorLastFirst,AuthorAndsReplacer]{\author}","\format[RemoveBrackets,RemoveWhitespace]{\title}","\journal",\volume,\number,"\month","\pages",\year,"\booktitle","\chapter","\edition","\series","\format[AuthorLastFirst,AuthorAndsReplacer]{\editor}","\publisher","\Annote", “\mendeley-tags”

However, the “\mendeley-tags” doesn’t seem to be working - the exported file is complete except data from the tags field is missing: excel shows “=-tags” in most columns. I’ve also tried “\mendeleytags” which results in a completely empty column.

The Mendeley-tags field in Jabref contains commas - perhaps this could be the issue? Does anyone have any suggestions?


thanks for reporting that issue, you found a bug in JabRef. I could reproduce this myself. Apparently fields with a minus sign e.g. mendeley-tags will not be recgonized correctly.

Edit// After investigating further, I found that the minus behavior is used used formatting edition field like 2-th edition.

As a workaround, I found out that underscore works.
In your layout file change mendeley-tags to mendeley_tags
Now open your bib file with a text editor and do a search and replace from mendeley-tags to mendeley_tags
Then the next time you export, it will work correctly.