How to add @ when I copy the BibTeX-key to the clipboard?

I’m using text files and Pandoc. Pandoc handles references with the
@doe99 notation and can read bib and bibtex files (see details here:

My question is: Is there a quick way to copy my references from Jabref in the @… style somehow? I could not find a way to get beyond the sole bibtex key doe99. Of course I can simply add the @, but if there was a way to get it automatically that would ease it a lot.

Is there a way to customize the copy to clipboard command?

Just asking the same as a feature request.
I’m refining my writing workflow and the combination Editor + Pandoc + JabRef + pdflatex is rocking!

you can only copy the key or the whole bibtex code in the main table by simply pressing CTRL+C in the main table.