Memory consumption

Jabref requests at start 0.1TB virtual memory and uses 600MB RAM. As a comparison reference, my whole system has a 200GB SSD for two operational systems with approx 20GB free space at the moment. Even though VIRT seemingly does not equal RAM + swap space, I find this value alarming. The 600MB RAM usages is also kind of borderline to me, but it is not an issue yet.
I’ve just started to use JabRef and I’ve got 620 entries in my database, which could increase by a magnitude in a short time. I am also afraid how much the RAM usage will increase once my database is extended. I feel that jabref is slow, the web searches often just hang, and my computer is also slowed down when JabRef is opened.

All in all, first I would like to get some feedback from others, whether they also experience such high memory usage.
Second I would like to know whether it could be a version specific problem, which will be fixed in the next release/build,
Third, whether there are ways to improve its memory consumption and performance by some user settings.

PID USER      PR  NI    VIRT    RES    SHR S  %CPU %MEM     TIME+ COMMAND     
27933 zoltan    20   0  0,101t 594,6m 152,6m S   5,3  7,5   0:59.35 JabRef

Jabref version info:

JabRef 5.0--2020-03-06--2e6f433
Linux 4.15.0-96-generic amd64 
Java 13.0.2


thanks for the feedback. We recently improved the performance and memory consumption in the latest development version:
Pleas remember to make a backup before trying out the new version


Hi Christoph,
Unfortunately I see no change with JabRef 5.1--2020-04-23--bbea7df :frowning:

24908 zoltan    20   0  0,101t 742,4m 157,8m S   4,6  9,4   0:57.02 JabRef

The core of my bibtex library was imported from Mendeley. I think I did not altered the default settings in JabRef. Is ther any way I could debug what does it cause the the high memory consumption?