Some Keyboard shortcuts not working

Some keyboard shortcuts are no longer working. The most important one being Cntrl+shift+A(and i/t/r/d etc, none of them seem to work), but Cntrl+N and Cntrl+shift+N work. Unfortunately those don’t really help with how I like to use JabRef.
Please Help!

JabRef 5.0–2020-03-06–2e6f433
Windows 10 10.0 amd64
Java 13.0.2

Thanks for your report. I checked it and you are right. Still not working in the latest development version.
Could you please open a bug report at our bug tracker?
It would be nice if you could also add the action (e.g. what should happen) for the keybinding/shortcut?


Hope I put it in the right place. (



And the issue is now fixed. Marking this as solved.