For new contributors: package/class/activity diagrams

I am looking to create package/class/activity diagrams for the project source code (to simplify contributor onboarding), but hope to get some guidance with what exactly would be needed. Any good examples of what diagrams might be useful?

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Thanks for your interest,

if you want to create a diagram I would start with a package diagram e.g. as it’s described here
You can look at

Regarding Activity Diagrams, I think it would be cool to see what exactly happens when you insert an entry in JabRef, e.g. which actions are triggered (from the actual insertion to other GUI related stuff and autosave etc)

We also have an outdated diagram for the groups package.


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Great, thank you for the reference!!!
Now I’m trying to create an overall package diagram(s) that would allow to understand JabRef as a whole, yet package dependency diagrams come out too complicated. Even small part of GUI looks like this:

Would you recommend a different way of looking at it? Maybe grouping packages together on some criteria? If you were to draw it on paper, what would it look like?
Thanks again!!!

Further question. The class diagrams (as the one you mentioned), which packages do you think they are useful for? Is something like this helps or just re-states the obvious…?

The group diagram looks indeed helpful.
Regarding the gui, here it would make indeed make sense to only display the core components, e.g. the side panel (groups and open office), the base panel with the entry editor and preview panel and the maintable and maybe the menu. The rest are details.
I imagine somethng like this:

I think the most imporant class is org.jabref.model.BibEntry and the org.jabref.model.database classes (e.g. Bibdatabase and Bibdatabasecontext) as they represent the core concepts of JabRef.
E.g. a bibdatabase (library) is the bib file as whole which has none or theoretic infinetly entries and some addtional metadata (e.g. groups information, sort order…).

And regarding the process, I think it would be useful to have an activiy diagram for inserting an entry,
e.g. you insert an entry in the gui => it’s validated and then stored in the database and a notifcation (EventBus) is triggered to inform that an entry has been inserted. Usually followed by an autosave which serializes the current db.