Browser extension: add new entry without opening "Import" window

It would be great if the browser extension offered an option to disable opening the Import window. Alternatively, please make the default action after hitting “Enter” to import the entry.


I tested this on Mac and when I select one entry and press cmd + enter in the import entries dialog it will trigger the import.

My question is: Does Enter cancel the import on linux? Because it’s the selected button?

Selected button is “Import”. If I press ctrl + enter, entry is imported; if I press enter, import is cancelled.
I use Linux (not Arch, BTW :wink:

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Interestingly, when I press ctrl + enter, the entry is imported, but JabRef displays “import cancelled” message… If I click the Import button with mouse, no such message is displayed.

Okay, that is weird. Seems like some different behavior regarding default vs selected button