Can't export anything from firefox browser extension

Not sure what the problem is, but this extension isn’t working for me. The error message I’m getting is

“Error while sending to JabRef, Please see the browsers error console for details.”

In the browser error console it says:

TypeError: data is undefined at moz-extension://ad1c23d4-4e6d-4280-878a-e6a535cf3af1/Zotero/translate_item.js:134
logError moz-extension://ad1c23d4-4e6d-4280-878a-e6a535cf3af1/Zotero/zotero.js:335
complete moz-extension://ad1c23d4-4e6d-4280-878a-e6a535cf3af1/Zotero/translate.js:1546
complete moz-extension://ad1c23d4-4e6d-4280-878a-e6a535cf3af1/Zotero/translate.js:2257
_saveItems moz-extension://ad1c23d4-4e6d-4280-878a-e6a535cf3af1/Zotero/translate.js:1678

JabRef: Got task to convert
length: 0
: Array []
to BibTeX

JabRef: Convert items to BibTeX:
length: 0
: Array []

I’m not sure how to troubleshoot this, maybe I’ve installed it incorrectly?

Here’s an example url: but I get the same error independent of what website I’m on. Here’s the info from about jabref:
JabRef 5.0–ArchLinux–3
Linux 5.7.14-1-manjaro amd64
Java 14.0.2

I’m using firefox:
79.0 (64-bit)
Mozilla Firefox for Manjaro Linux
Manjaro - 1.0

Here’s the config file for the extension:
cat ~/.mozilla/native-messaging-hosts/org.jabref.jabref.json
“name”: “org.jabref.jabref”,
“description”: “JabRef”,
“path”: “/opt/jabref/lib/”,
“type”: “stdio”,
“allowed_extensions”: [”,