Citation key escaping with auto-linking

I typically use a citation key scheme that includes a colon “:” to separate between the author information and some shorthand key for the publication.
However, this character caused problems in my file system, as this is a special character that is not allowed. This problem is respected by JabRef when automatically renaming a file and the colon is automatically replaced by an underscore.

However, it seems that the “other direction”, i.e. finding an auto-linked file that is saved on disk with the escaped character instead of the colon, does not work.
Is there a way to generalize the auto-link feature to do a fuzzy search regarding certain characters?
When changing the citation key manually to use the underscore, auto-linking works fine.


thanks for your reporting! I think this is simply a bug that the replaced keys are not considered for searching. Can you please open a bug report at our github repo?