Citation keys does not change in the bib file


I am new to JabRef. At that time I was using Zotero, but given that Zotero makes really weird things when exporting Latex math expressions and so on to the bib file I decided to change to jabref.

I am using JabRef 5.2 in Ubuntu 20.04 installed from the software manager.

The thing is that I would like to change the citation keys when generating my .bib file, but eventhough I read the documentation and followed the steps, the citation keys of the .bib file remains unchanged…

The citation I am using is:

But I am getting the default behaviour:

Attached are my configuration and the output I am getting.

Thank u very much.

What action/button are you using to generate the keys?

The Generate citation keys in the Edit menu?

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I think I was missing the “Ctrl + G” shortcut…
I thought it was done automatically for all the entries, but I see I have to “force” them to change (what is quite good to not modify previous cite keys)

Thanks for your attention!

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