Differentiate between additon and modifcation timestamp

In “Preferences” it is possible to “Mark new entries with addition date.” and “Update timestamp on modificaton”.

The problem is that both options affect the same field (default: “timestamp”).
I would prefere to have a field “additioin-timestamp” and “modification-timestamp”.

Please let me add some details. Imagine a very big (some thousends or more) database with scientific papers, news, website-snapshots, ebooks, everything. This exist - realy! :wink:
Sometimes a user remember that in the past he read about a specific topic. “There was something. Someday… But I am not sure about the title or author…” But sometimes you remember when you added something. Because of that me and some of my buddies use time-categories in our literatur software (Zotero, Citavi, EndNote, …). Everytime a new entrie is added it is added to its topic group/categorie AND to a time categorie ("e.g. “2017”->“March”).

There are some other how-do-you-remember-categorie systems (e.g. congress, Countries, Cities, …) but they are not relevant here.

If we had a real (never changing!) “addition date” there would be no need for such Time-Categories/Groups. The “modification date” is needed because the “addition date” don’t have to be modified.

The next step would be to add something like “dynamic groups” which are created automatcly based on an attribute (e.g. addition date). But that is another feature request. :slight_smile:

Please vote if you support this proposal:

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  • I don’t care.

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