Editora, Editorb, Editorc in the collection entrytype

I wonder why there are three different editor tabs in the collection entry type. Is there a reason for it? Maybe my creativity is not such to envisage a use for three different editor tab, since the editors can be coded as Doe, J. and Knopp, O. and Dietz, T. I feel confused.


It’s there, because it’s in the biblatex spec :wink:

It allows you to define multiple editors with different roles. E.g. you have one main editor and then you maybe have a secondardy editor whose job is redactor or reviser. It also allows complicated things as Founder (The founding editor of a periodical or a comprehensive publication project such as a
‘Collected Works’ edition or a long-running legal commentary)

See §2.6.3 of the biblatex manual for an explanation of the roles and combinations.

I must admit, it’s the first time I stumbled across this…