Failing to connect to gitter chat through Github

An exception is thrown when trying to sign in to gitter chart for JabRef. The thrown error counts Forbidden .
Here is a user case :key:

cc: @tobiasdiez, @koppor

I can sign in using github pretty well.
Check in your github account, if gittter is listed in the authorized oauth apps.

Otherwise you should reach out to the gitter support.

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According to the exception thrown suggests to me that some authorization is required of which am unable to get the link on my email that authorizes gitter to access my git hub account. Am going to find out the blocker and hope to connect soon :airplane:

We neither host the Gitter infrastructure nor the GitHub infrastructure. So, please try to reach Gitter support. Maybe using Twitter?

Sieh dir Gitter auf Twitter an. The home of #community. Where #developers, #engineers & #scientists come to talk. For support, please get in touch on support at (

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After spending a couple of days trying out different means to overcome the blocker, I realized the browser mozilla version I was using had some extension issues. I switched to chromium and connected pretty well.! :coffee:

Maybe you had an adblocker in place and configured it very strict?

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Could be but not sure though! I will take the trouble in my free time to figure out what exactly caused it