How to include the JabRef packages to a Java Gradle project?


I want to write an ImportFilter for Parsifal, which exports its data to Excel.

Unfortunately, the example[1] seems to be deprecated since even the description above the code contradicts the code. Furthermore, the example from the Github Repo for “custom imports” [2] also seems to be deprecated, i.e., uses Gradle 2.6. That Gradle version’s determination address seems not to be supported by Gradle anymore. Furthermore, in another thread of the forum, I read that the JAR file is not provided anymore.

So how is the best way to create a small project only for the importer class but provide the class files such as the ImportFormat?

Unfortunately, I wrote more Python in the last few years, so I am not used to Gradle, but I think I will get the project done in Java and Gradle with some help here.

Thanks in advance.

[1] Custom import filters - JabRef
[2] GitHub - JabRef/custom-imports: How to use custom-imports. Now with gradle support.


thanks a lot for your interest in contributing to JabRef :slight_smile:
You are right, the custom import format filter are completely deprecated and no longer supported as externally jars,

The easiest solution would be to directly implement this as part of JabRef. See here for some examples:

For getting started:

If you have any further questions, we are happy to help and assist you!

Regards from Germany

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