How to set up a PostgreSQL database for a shared library file?

I have long considered setting up a database for a shared library file that can be accessed by multiple users using multiple devices with multiple operating systems (Windows 10, Linux Mint (Cinnamon) and Fedora Linux). Connecting to the database seems simple and how to is documented here, but I am not sure how to set up and configure the database itself on my server for other users to have access to it. I know some users of JabRef run a shared database. If you are one of them, would you mind giving a short introduction about how to do this?

For getting started, I would recommend following this guide.

Create a new empty databas .e.g jabref
Create a new user and Grant the user at least the following privileges: CONNECT, REFERENCES, SELECT; CREATE, UPDATE, INSERT on the database and the default public schema.

If you prefer a gui I recommend checking out

Thank you Christoph! Will try it! Maybe next week.

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