I am missing a bug report category

Just what I said. Regards.

Hi Bernhard!
Bugs should be reported directly at GitHub: https://github.com/JabRef/jabref/issues

I’ll check your report of the file Folder problem later and will create an issue at GitHub if I can reproduce it.

There should be at least a link to the bug report site.

Is already there: About the Help category :wink:

Maybe we need a pinned topic at the top which just says: “submit bug reports on gtihub.com/jabref/jabref/issues

@matthiasgeiger what do you think?

Yeah of course this would be possible, but I think the pinned “About the help category” post with a link and the link in the “Help” section on jabref.org should be generally sufficient.

Sorry to disagree: In the forum I did not find any indication about bug reporting. This did seem to me not easily accessible. Perhaps should really try something more obvious.


Okay… I’ve added the information to the “Create new topic” information shown to new users and to the short description of the Help category…

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