JabFox enter websites as "Other" entry type

I am not sure if this is the correct place or if this is totaly JabFox-related.

I use Firefox and JabFox (using Zotero in the background). When I generate an entry for a simple website (e.g. a blog-articel or a documentation page) it occurse as entry type “Others” in my BibLaTeX JabRef database.

I was supprised that “Others” doesn’t exists in the “Bibtex keygen” preference page. Of course I can change the entry type manually. But that is not what I want.

Which part of that tool-chain should I modify? Can I do something on the JabRef site? Maybe I should contact the JabFox author directly?

btw: In the past I often wondering about what entry type should I use for websites. I (hate but) have to use APA citation style. MISC was the only usefull entry type in combination with apa6-package and biber in XeTeX. Not sure if this is the only usefull solution. The point was that the last-accessed-date should appear in the bibliography-entry.

Sorry, I was wrong. Please delete the posting!

Useing JabFox generats “Online” entries. This is ok.

The “Others” occured because I imporated a RIS-file (exported from Zotero). So this is definitly Zotero-related.


glad that you figured it out :slight_smile:

I use Apa Style, too, but I use the biblatex-apa package together with biber.
Very powerful and maintained by the biber and biblatex creator/dev. It nearly does all things automatically.

Online, WWW and Electronic are at least in biblatex just aliases or compatibility aliases.