Java 3.3 won't display databases

To keep a very long story simple. I decided to upgrade JabRef from 2.* to 3.3. I install Oracle JRE 8, and I can use it to run a java file. However, when I start JabRef 3.3 it won’t open any databases. I find that this was at one time a bug in version 3.3 and so retreated to JabRef 3.1. However, it could not open my .bib databases either.

When I create a new test database, I can create entires, and create group names for them. When I select an entry, its group is underlined. But I click on a group, it does not select any entries.

What’s really strange is that Java seems to compile the .bib file. That is, every other character is a null “^@”.

Hi @Haines

Thanks for your report! I know you installed a few versions already, but I’ll have to ask if the problem still exists with the most recent version of JabRef (v3.8.1). The error might be related to something that has been fixed in the meantime.

Apart from that, of course an excerpt of your bib file that reproduces the problem would be very much appreciated.


Jeorg, when you reach my age, perhaps you will understand what senility really means. The problem
was that I had made default coding UTF-16 (I worry too much about Chinese). I’m currently running
version 3.3 UTF-8 and it is working for me (except auto linking of an external file; I have to browse for it
and link it that way). I didn’t migrate to version 3.8.1 because it destroys group functionality fir me (it
can’t handle duplicate group names). This is a known problem, but a tough nut to crack.

Ok, good to know you resolved this issue! And don’t worry, this has nothing to do with age or senility. I can assure you that I make plenty of mistakes myself :wink:

Hopefully, grouping will work better again, once we have improved the groups interface. Alas, that is still somewhat in the future.

Have a nice evening!