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I need to use a Pandoc-style citation in Scrivener foir Windows/Mac. As known, the Pandoc-style citation assumes a form like this: @Doe99, sometime with or without square brackets. I understand that I can copy the citations and put [@] after the paste. But as you deal with book writing and many citations to be added, the citations might be hundreds and a sort of automation would be welcome. Can a Pandoc-style copy be added, or an option for the user to create one free style citation, so it can be added to Jabref in the preference tab? In Mac side, there are some tools to create Pandoc style citations from bibliographic software, but I do not see anything like that in the Windows world.

I thank you for the consideration.



you can easily adjust the custom preview style Entry preview setup - JabRef for your format.

In the first line you would simple need to change the first line to
<font face="sans-serif" font-size="44px"><b><i>\bibtextype</i><a name="\citationkey">\begin{citationkey} (@\citationkey)</a>\end{citationkey}</b><br>

Simply add the at symbol before the \ctiationkey command

Thanks, and I have done as you said.

But at this stage, when I press copy citation key, it is still giving me Doe99, and not @Doe99. I found the only way to copy @Doe99 as it is I need create a customised preview style as @Doe99, thus erasing everything apart from @\citationkey. In that case, when I execute “Copy preview” command, it gives such a citation key format.

Please let me know if there is another way, or I have done something wrong. As far as I see, putting something @ or [], does not change anything when I press copy citation key, which still keeps BibTeX citation key only.

sorry, this was a misunderstanding. For the citation key itself, it’s even easier!
Just add the “@” before the pattern: @[auth][year]
(Note you have to press enter/return to save the changes in the table)

I tried and it seems working fine. I consider your answer as solution to my request.

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