The 'WrapFileLinks' formatter

Hi folks

According to the ‘The WrapFileLinks formatter’ documation @ should by using the following argument …

\format[WrapFileLinks(\i. \d (\p))]{\file}

… give the following output:

  1. John’s final report (/home/john/report.pdf)
  2. An early “draft” (/home/john/draft.txt)

But in my case the output looks like this:

  1. John’s final report (/home/john/report.pdf2.
    An early “draft” (/home/john/draft.txt

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong (preferences, etc.)?

I am using Jabref 3.6

Thanks in advance for any help.

Regards Lars

I’ve started to add some tests for that class, so eventually we will figure out what is wrong.

However, I think the example you quote should behave as described, so clearly something is wrong, which is not your interpretation of the help.

I can confirm this. A solution can be found in in a few minutes. The problem was that the argument parsing stopped at the first ), so only \i. \d (\p was sent to the layout instead of \i. \d (\p).