Trouble with Mathscinet and zbMath

I just installed JabRef 4.3.1 on windows 10 and all works fine, except fetching data on both mathscinet and zbmath.
A popup window says I/O exception occurred.

Any idea how to fix this ?


Sadly, you (or your university) need to have a subscription to access these services. Do these sites work for you in the browser?

Hi! Thanks for your answer.
I must log into my univ sytem to get acces to mathscinet. Can I use a proxy, a tunnel or anything else?
Besides there is
and you don’t need pay access to search
Mathscinet is much more restrictive.

Most universities provide access to their intranet via VPN. This should then automatically route the traffic for JabRef through the university and grant you access to zbMath/MathSciNet.

I have a similar problem. Our university has a weird url scheme for MathSciNet (namely to be used when we are off campus, in combination with the university VPN. To be clear, the university VPN is not enough, one needs the modified url. How can I configure Jabref so that MathSciNet web searches and in the MathSciNet review tab use the away-style-url when off campus, and the standard url when on campus?