Win10 double-click on .bib file produces error message (manual fix provided)


JabRef 5.0 produces a “File not found” error message after one double-clicks on a .bib file.
Presumably the problem only occurs if the path/filename contains spaces.

I could fix the issue by changing the shell open command in the Windows registry for JabRef (HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT…\shell\open\command) from <“C:…\JabRef.exe” %1> to <“C:…\JabRef.exe” “%1”> (the argument just needs to be included in quotation marks).

Hope this helps someone and it would be a good idea to change the open command in future releases.

After making this change in my registry, the problem remains. Upgrading to the development 5.1 version also did not solve the problem.

Dear Dev,

Just install the new version JabRef.5-1.msi (
It’s work for me.