"Automatically set file links" (F7): not working any more

(Tobias Diez) #21

@napoletano Can you please open an issue at github with the exact steps to reproduce the freeze (i.e. do you use the “set file link” functionality in the editor or menu, how many entries are selected, etc.). We will then try to fix the issue. Thanks!


I just want to mention that my original problem that the autmatic set file link didn’t work any more couldnt be solved (in my case) by changing to new versions. However when I made sure that my bib-file was the same folder as the “main file directory” (preferences -> File) it worked again. So I moved all files into subfolder of the “main file directory”.
However if the “main file diretory” was one level above the folder containing the bib-file automatic file link setting didn’t work out. With the changes described it works now.