JabRef keeps messing with the file links I create in my .bib file

Has anyone noticed that the behavior of file linking in JabRef is quite strange? I am editing the filepaths in my bib file with a python script but there are two behaviors from JabRef which I don’t like:

  1. JabRef keeps “autodetecting” files for me and adding them to the links under the General tab for each entry
  2. JabRef actually overwites the content of my .bib file by removing the backslashes in all of my file paths.

Why does this occur? Thanks for your help/


assuming the latest development version of JabRef.
JabRef does auto detect files, but it does not add them automatically. They are just found. You have to explicitly click on the icon to add them.

As far as I know there is no way to disable this search.

For your second question, this seems a bit odd. Normally JabRef should only touch the path if you add a file or open.

And out of interest., what does your python script do? Are you aware that JabRef can automatically search for unlinked files and move/rename files according to a file/folder pattern