Connect to shared database SSL

(chibber2018) #1

I’m using JabRef 4.2 (Windows 10 x64, Java 1.8.0_171) to try to connect to a cloud PostgreSQL server which has sslmode set to require. When I try to connect using “Connect to shared database” I get:

Connection Error: no pg_hba.conf entry for host "$myIP", user "$myUsername", database "$myDatabase", SSL off

My allowed addresses in the cloud console (and I assume therefore in pg_hba.conf) are and my IP address.

Do you know if the jdbc driver JabRef uses has been compiled with SSL support? And if not, can I use a different driver? Also, is there anywhere in JabRef/Java options I can set something like sslmode=require to connect without checking the certificate (see

Let me know if any more details of my setup or exactly what I’m trying to do would help.

(chibber2018) #2

Just noticed this is already a feature request over on GitHub…

(Christoph) #3


I am currently in fixing the postgresSQL connection. We changed to a different driver and I am currently in the process of transforming the database dialog to the new javafxGUI technology.

I could take a look at that and try with SSL. I have an test psql system installed here.

When I understand this correct, it would be sufficient to add a checkbox with use SSL at least for postgres.

importing the cert and the keystore would be still needed to be passed by the end user.