Use SSL always looking for root.crt

We have a PostgreSQL db via AWS RDS so we have their PEM file to use ssl. The file works with our Python scripts and PgAdmin. Following the documentation, I converted it to a DER and then created a custom Java keystore.

When I configure JabRef to use this keystore, I always get an error where it’s looking for root.crt in my home directory in .postgresql (I’m on a Mac). As a test, if I rename the DER file to root.crt and put it in .postgresql, there’s no error and the connection is made. This was more to test if the cert was valid and if I messed up during the conversion.

I’m not sure what I might’ve missed to where it’s only looking for root.crt


Sorry, this is mostly beyond my personal expertise. You talk about documentation. Which one were you following?