Poor performance of jabref 4

(Mus M) #1

Hi I have about 500 entries, and I gave version 4 a try, but it is extremely slow and lags for basic operations. I have currently went back to version 3. I am on Windows 10. Even version 3 is slow in certain operations, but it’s still reasonable, unfortunately the same cannot be said about version 4.

(Christoph) #2


we are aware that JabRef Version 4.0 was unfortunately not that performant. However, we would like you to try out the latest master dev version which will be soon released as 4.2. We have been working on a lot of performance improvements since the release of 4.0.



(Bernd Szyszka) #3

Good morning,

I have the same problem with a database of 11 000 entries! The program is almost unusable at the moment.

I have a suggestion for an improvement: As fas as I see it, one problem is due to the continous updates of the displayed table when a search is written or an entry is edited. Like when I’m searching for Szyszka, I enter “S” and it gives me 11862 results, I write “Sz” and I’m at 3307 results and so on. These updates are not necessary in my opinion.

How about changing the program in a way, that an update of the main table is only done when the command is finished by a return?

I’d imagine that would speed up the program very much.

Best regards


(Christoph) #4


I made the search now a bit more performant by adding a short delay before the actual search is executed. I tested this with a database containing around 6500 entries.
Could you please test this version here and report back if it feels better?



(Christoph) #5

The feature has just been merged into master., so you can try out the latest dev version