Version 4.0: Extremely slow startup, Win 7 and Win 10


I updated Jabref from v3.8.2 to 4.0 and have problems with it starting up extremely slowly. The interface eventually comes up, but only after several minutes.

Downgrading to 3.8.2 immediately has it all running smoothly again.

This is on a Win 7 and on a Win 10 machine. I did upgrade to the latest Java RE.

Are there any suggestions what I could try? Right now 4.0 is essentially not usable for me.

Thanks a lot,

I think this is exactly the experience of many users who have just upgraded to 4.0.

I would recommend reverting back to 3.8 despite some bugs.

JabRef is a superb open source tool and I hope it will recover soon.

Well, I’m back to using 3.8.2 again.

But I’d gladly test some 4.0 versions generating diagnostic output or some other debugging scenarios to help find what’s wrong.

Any input?


before you stick to 3.8.2: We are working on improving the performance massive. One contributor already submitted one PR which got merged in the current dev version. Another PR with great performance improvement is on its way.

In the meantime you already try the latest dev version from here:

Another issue: Make sure you have installed the latest JRE 8 from Oracle. (Java 9 is not yet supported)