Add/remove groups with + and - icons

Hi, I would propose a short cut for adding/removing groups to an entry/multiple entries: This could be done with Plus/Minus symbols beside the name of the group/s. Working extensively with groups, it is a pain in neck to right click the entry, click the add-to-goup, run through the list of all, select from a subgroup etc. It would be a highly welcomed improvement.

Please vote if you support this proposal:

  • I would like to have this feature, too!
  • I don’t care.

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Hi Bernhard,
just a short question to clarify your proposal: You want a possibility to add (multiple) entries to a group without using the “add to group” dialog for each entry?

Do you know that there is the possibility to use “drag-and-drop” to just mark a set of entries and “drag” them on the group in the group sidebar?

Is this option not sufficient for you?

(Unfortunately this is currently not possible in the 4.0.0 development builds, but was working in the versions up to 3.8.2)

Hi Matthias,

I think that Icons are preferable to dragging. Most of the time, I am working now with a jabref snapshot where one has troubles to add to a group. But to click an icon would be much nicer than to drag everything to a group.

Regards Bernhard

Okay. So the workflow with your idea would be: Selecting one or more entries. Looking for the group to add and hit a “+” button next to the group name to add the currently selected entries to the group.


Personally, I do not like it to clutter the group interface with even more icons and in my opinion the drag-and-drop solution is fine. But let’s see what others think about this…


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Regards Bernhard