Add support for CSL Citation Styles in Latex + possible solution?

Here comes the feature description…
CSL styles offer ~ 10000 citation styles (according to their website citationstylesorg) and are already implemented for the style preview in JabRef

Currently i know of no way how to use these styles effectively in Jabref other than to look at the style. I can’t push the style to my office programs. Neither Libre Office (JabRef uses the jstyle format there. currently 23 styles are on the website jstyles.jabreforg/), nor Latex, nor Microsoft Office.

To be fair: why would we not want to have this feature?
Is it really the job of JabRef to do this? Should the style of the bibliography be taken from the Latex CTAN website (ctanorg/topic/bibtex-sty) or everybody should program his own style, given we have the possibilities to do so? There is even a program that helps to create a jstyle file for Libre Office.

Still, I would say JabRef can and should do it, after all the csl styles are already there. All that needs to be done is to push it.

Related discussions on github:

So i was thinking. Maybe a possible solution could look like this?

Do you think this could work? - Sorry, i am no programmer!

PS. sorry, could only post 2 links as new forum user…

Thank you for posting it and linking the important issues. When working with JabRef and LaTeX, one uses a biblatex or bibtex style. Typically, publishers such as IEEE and ACM offer BibTeX styltes, which should be used (because publishers sometimes retypeset the paper).

The stackoverlfow question recarding CSL support is there: bibliographies - Citation Style Language (CSL) - TeX - LaTeX Stack Exchange. More discussion available at bibliographies - Citation Style Language vs. biblatex (vs. possibly other "citing-systems"?) - TeX - LaTeX Stack Exchange.

I would say that integrated CSL support for LaTeX would be game changer. However, seeing the large manual of biblatex, it is hard stuff to really do it right. See, the issue is not only about rendering the bibliography, but also the right referencing from the document itself. For example, should [1] be used or [K19] or “Kopp, 2019” to reference a paper by “Kopp et al.”?

Seeing that JabRef already implemented that mostly for our jstyles, that should be doable for LibreOffice.