How to use Citation Styles into Jabref connection with LibreOffice

JabRef is able to connect to LibreOffice in order to use citations and reference list in a LibreOfficeWriter document. But for scientific use of it we need to provide a specific citation format. This option is available with ‘Select style’ option and the *.jstyle file format. But most of scientific journal provide a *.csl (CItation Style Language) file in order to cite and refer correctly to library entries. How to use those CSL files or how to convert it into JStyle ?
Many thanks.

At the moment there is no way to do this automatically. However, there are some work implementing CSL in JabRef. See for the request and some further information (nothing recent though, although I believe it is an active project).

The alternative right now is to write your own jstyle file, which may appear challenging but is quite feasible if the correct formatting is know in advance. You may use as the export filter and jstyle files are similar when it comes to entry layout. Author formatting and character formatting differs though.

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We have an issue on GitHub covering this feature request and tracking the progres:

This point is a major feature to attrack users into Jabref and LibreOffice specially in science domains. A standard of citation style format will also induce editors to develop their own for their authors.
Is there any updates of this feature on the last months ? Many thanks.