Adding an impactfactor function and citations

It would be really cool if all the different journals also had an impactfactor value with them.
I know the impactfactor is updated every year. but that should be manageable. One could take the newest numbers from here:

You could also incorporate a way to show how many times an article is cited. Data taken from this site:

If these functions already exist please describe how they work. Thank you for your time.

Please vote if you support this proposal:

  • I would like to have this feature, too!
  • I don’t care.

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Hi, I know exactly what you mean by this request. I’ve tried to code my way towards a self updatable CV in latex. I’ve use Matlab and regular expression string analysis with google scholar queries. But, shame on me, I’ve failed miserably …

It would be amazing if I could add these fields to a reference list in an automatic way. Nowadays my CV uses latex and a good part of its content are just citations of a bibtex database maintained using jabref.

Thanks for your initiative!

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Hi flic2flac

Well actually right now I am working on a project to expand Jabref with the mentioned features. So if you have any good ideas or means to help to process, feel free to pitch in!

All types of assistance is appreciated.



I would like to know if you succeed with extending to this function ?
It would be very useful
Best regards

I like to argue against spreading the use of impact factors to jabref. It is bad enough they are used to assess journals elsewhere - I do not want these factors to marginally (by way of being visible) to shape my use of literature references.

for a high level critique and demonstration of the contested reality of impact factors, see e.g.

right now I am able to recommend jabref to my students. But, if impact factors are visible, then this is an argument against advertising jabref.