Always try Downloading from official journal sites

In JabRef 4, I noticed that when automatically download PDF based on the entry’s information, it prefers to download from arXiv even though I have provided the url and doi of the official journal site. Could it possible to download from the official journal sites instead? If the official site doesn’t work, it can then try arXiv for downloading. If we need a database for the links of journal websites and download link patterns, we can collectively work on that as a community.


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you are welcome to provide a new fulltext fetcher.
However, as each journal site is different there is often no generic solution for all kind of portals.

Currently JabRef tries to find the fulltext by looking at different sites;

JabRef’s fetcher are either fetcher for metadata, fulltext, or both.
You can find all fetchers and their implementations here

JabRef also supports direct download. Just click on the Download Icon next to the Search Icon and you can enter a direct URL to a pdf for example.

I see. It might need a fetcher as to fetch pdf from APS journals. One problem it might have is that APS journal article download might require some click on dynamic “I’m not a robot” verification button before downloading. But I have tried using the direct download link to download the pdf, and it worked! Hopefully, someone or I will have time to implement this…