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Hi community,

I read the most recent arXiv papers in my field almost everyday, but I found it’s tedious to import information into my bibtex file. First off, the arXiv paper may not be found on Google scholar and hence it seems not working with auto-fetch bibtex info using JabRef. Secondly, I don’t have a good workflow to make this process easy.

What I do on daily basis is download/copy the bibtex info from the linked bibtex file on the arXiv paper page, import into JabRef and generate bib key and copy it; then open the PDF online and download with the copied bib key as the file name; next, on Jabref, link the PDF file and use Git to commit the new version of my bibtex file. Since I use Docear to make MindMaps while Docear will change the bibtex formation defined in JabRef, finally, I will need to import the pdf link to my mindmap and save my mindmap and close docear, and then use version control software to recover the bibtex file in git. Is that possible to simplify the process a little bit and automate some steps?


I’m not sure whether the following approach works for all cases, but I tested it with some papers and it worked:

  • Lookup the Arxiv-Identifier on, e.g., arXiv:1705.03449
  • Click on “New Entry” (Ctrl-N), select “Arxiv” in the ID-based entry generator section and enter the Arxiv-ID, click “generate” - this will download the BibTeX from arxiv
  • (Create a bibtex-key based on your settings - not necessary if you are fine with the arxiv-generated key)
  • Switch to the “General” tab and click “Get Fulltext” next to the “File” field. This automatically tries to download the fulltext, renames it automatically to the Bibtex-Key and also puts its into the configured file folder.
  • (If the fulltext lookup did not work you can copy the PDF url from arxiv and put it into the “Download from Url” dialog - renaming and moving should then also be automated)

That’s it! :wink:

However, the problem with Docear still persists as they build upon an older version of JabRef which does some stuff a bit different :wink:

If you use Firefox you may also try out the JabFox add-on, which simplifies all the steps @matthiasgeiger outlined to a simple button click.

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@matthiasgeiger Your method worked for me on most recent arXiv papers! Shame on me–I have never noticed there is the “arXiv” type option every time when I create an entry on JabRef! I would have to wait for #Docear to update some day.

@tobiasdiez, I have tried JabFox, but it didn’t work on my Ubuntu 16.04 machine with JabRef 3.8. I commented on the issue on github. Hopefully, this can be fixed soon. I think it is a good addon if it works!

Thank you all! The methods you have provided can save me a lot of time.