An option to automatically add imported source to the head-group when said source is added to a sub-group


I wish for a new option to be added under “Groups” called “Automatically assign new entry to head group”.

Example Hierarchy:

Head group X

Sub group Y
Sub group Z

Currently, when importing a source while a sub-group Y or Z is selected, that source will not be added to Head group X.

Adding this feature will be useful to the user, as it removes an extra step of using CTRL+Mouse click when the source needs to go into both a subgroup and the head group for tracking purposes.

I understand it could interfere with “Groups > Automatically assign new entry to selected groups” if users wish to use the current system in conjunction with this new option.

Therefore, after implementation of this feature, a check must be made to not add the same source to the head-group twice, if the head-group is selected (on accident or on purpose) and both the new feature and existing one are enabled.

There is already a similar feature. If you right click the head group, go to the edit dialog and select “Union” from the “Hierarchical context” dropdown, every element in the subgroups is also shown in the head group.

I had no idea it already existed, thanks for clarifying where it was!

Does changing that option apply to all future created groups like a “default” setting?