Any experience with JabRef and SQL at TU Berlin?


we’re planning to install JabRef using a SQL database at TU Berlin / tubit. Is there any experience on the campus or nearby maybe?

Best regards from Berlin, Bernd

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Does Stuttgart count? :sweat_smile:

Did you meanwhile work on it and got some more experience?

Hi Oliver,

I still don’t have a solution yet. I’m still struggling with the poor performance, at least I’ve found one beta which is less unstable than others:

JabRef 5.0-dev–snapshot–2019-08-23–master–bbf3ab475

Windows 10 10.0 amd64

Java 1.8.0_231

Regarding the SQL, I still need support.

Best regards, Bernd

This version is very old. I would really ask you to try the latest build at We will release a new version based on that release soon. We are trying to fix show stoppers, but want to get out the release soon as we think it is far better than 4.3.1 :slight_smile:. After a release, we will continue improving JabRef and hoping that we get 5.1 out sooner.

We had some SQL database optimizations, but I am not sure if that really helps in your case.

Maybe, we should schedule a call?! You can write me to my developer email address or here…