Jabref 5.0 very slow update gui entries

I upgrade jabref from 4.2 to 5.0 today. Compared to version 4.2 the version 5.0 responds very slow in the order of 10sec to update a changed gui input.
How can I improve the performance?
(OS: Windoes 10 Home)

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Same for me here, slow gui (OS: Win 8.1)

Sorry for the inconvenicences. This is partly related to the new UI technolgy.
We are planning on performance related optimatzions in the next release.

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After some attempts with different Jabref versions (4.3.1; 5.0 and 5.1) I found a solution at least for me.
To override the old version, i.e. using the same old folder folder (c:\Program Files\JabRef) showed no progress, still to slow (except of jabref 4.3.1).
In a next step I removed all previous jabref installations and subsequent installing jabref 5.1 from scratch I’ve got a system which now is what I expected fast enough.
Therefore I assume that my previous jabref installations contained some faults.

I updated jabref to development version 5.5 build 3/22 (yesterday). Jabref is still very slow with a lot of typing lag time.

I am on windows 10 64 bit.

Would appreciate any guidance.


First of all I’m just a user. Not a developer. I’m wondering where did you get the development version 5.5 build 3/22. The only version on https://builds.jabref.org/master/ is 5.1 from 23.03.2020. (status 24.03.2020)
All I can say my approach is described above.

  1. removing old jabref version
  2. install from scratch version 5.1 from 12.03.2020

JabRef 5.1–2020-03-12–23034ce
Windows 10 10.0 amd64
Java 13.0.2

Hope this helps

Thanks. I meant 5.1.

JabRef 5.1--2020-03-22--0808168
Windows 10 10.0 amd64 
Java 14

I did fully clean out the earlier installation.

Still things are slow.

I was wondering if others are also seeing this behavior.

This is more a question for the developers.



we are aware of some perfomance issues with large databases.

We are constantly working in improving JabRef and tweaking the performance.

Thank you. Appreciate all the work.

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Good news, we recently fixed some performance issues, once JabRef is started, the user experience should feel much smoother.
Please try the newest development version:

Please make a backup of your library before trying out he new version,

I experienced the same/similar issue with 5.0 on MacOS. I don’t see any improvements in regards to this in the dev version.

I tested with a small (30 entries) library. Every other time I click an entry instead of the info being displayed immediately nothing happens for up to ~10 seconds. Then again a few times it will just work fine. See attached screen recording.

@tilltnet Please see my comment above. You should try out the latest development version.
Performance has been increased

@Siedlerchr I followed the link you posted and tried the portable macOS version and the PKG and it does not make a difference.

@tilltnet Please open an issue with a detailed description at our bug tracker https://github.com/JabRef/jabref/issues