Automatic markging/grouping enties after actions like merging duplicates/serching for unlinked files

If one is using a Jabref features that can change several entries, like, for example if one is merging duplicates or is adding entries for unlinked files, one should be able to check/correct this entries afterwards. Hence, I think it would be helpful if Jabref would provide some way to connect them, either by marking them all or maybe by creating a group with these entries (details see below).

I have my way to to get this kind of helpful group when I use *search for unlinked local files* see below, but, I have no idea how to keep track of duplicates being merged except by generating at list of them by hand, and up till now I got no better suggestion to my corresponding help request in Find merged entries after merging duplicates

Hence, I think that it would be helpful if one starts some activity that typically will generate/change multiple entries, Jabref would provide somehow afterwards a collection/groups/ … containing the results of the this activity.

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  • I would like to have this feature, too!
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Additional Information:

  • An idea could be to use a group named `last-merging-duplicats-run’ that contains the results of the last merging run or a group named ‘Results of search for unlinked local fikes of 2021-12-06, 1:23:13 p.m.’ containing all entries created for unlinked local files during this run. (In addition one may have a further group containing the entries with those files that could not be interpreted by the unlinked files Importer, see the Topic Unlinked files Importer Fall back for files failed to be processed.)

  • My method to get this kind of group when I use search for unlinked local files is to activated in advance in the preferences the *Automatically assign new entry to selected groups* flag. Afterwards, directly before starting the search I activate a group to contain the new entry/entries. This is important, since there are some times problems that need to be corrected, e.g. for the preprints from the arXiv server usually the extracted title seems not the title of the paper but the arXiv Information on these preprint being the largest information on the first page of the pdf file.