Button or action to clean all non-required fields of an entry

I usually export or move references from my master bibtex file to separate ones, for example, when I’m preparing a bibtex file for a conference paper. In case of conference papers, I usually drop all non-required fields to have a clean and condensed reference list. At the moment I do this manually, which is really annoying :slight_smile:
Therefore, it would be very nice if there is an automated action to do this.


there are some ways to do this in an automated way:
Cleanup actions: You could manually define clear actions for all non requuir files
And convert to bibtex format (useful if you use biblatex)

Sub Library from aux file. Will generate a library from your aux file, so only containing cited references

Hey, thanks for the reply and the hints. But unfortunately that would mean that I have to setup those actions for all entry types by myself. And actually I assumed that JabRef is already aware of the mandatory and optional fields for the known entry types, as the “Tame the Beast” doc shows (see http://texdoc.net/texmf-dist/doc/bibtex/tamethebeast/ttb_en.pdf, page 14ff).
Thanks for your opinion,