Quick copy of bibtex entry without abstract and file path

Hi, I am new to JabRef.

How can I quickly copy (via short cut?) the bibtex entry (not the citation key!) of a JabRef entry to clipboard?

And in the bibtex entries, the abstract field is too verbose and the local file entry is too private for sharing. So, how can these fields be excluded from export?


Generally, you can copy and paste the entries by selecting it on the main table and pressing CTRL + C.
This copies the whole entry.

To clear sensitive fields I suggest you copy the relevant entries to a new library and then use the Quality β†’ Cleanup β†’ Field formatters (β€œclear”) for clearing the fields.
This will remove the contents of the fields.

Then you can copy that again using the shortcut.

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or you use Edit > Automatic Field Editor > clear field content